Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Puppy "Puppy" (2015)

Fondly reminded of teenage obsessions with music, I have found myself in adoration of Puppy's latest album The Goat. I went back and gave it a ten, as I simply cannot get enough of the record. I also remembered that they had another EP before Vol II, somehow I forgot about it! Another four tracks of their glorious and inspired mash of Alternative, Metal and Rock tones that this time around show the particulars of their heritage with some guitar styling drawing obvious parallels to other artists.

The four songs are a sweet fit for their sound, another exchange of monstrous guitar grooves, sunny yet sombre emotional intersections and beautiful singing with the occasional peaking harmonization. The songs hum an energy within simple structures as the intensity ebbs and flows, often led by the gorgeous guitar tones. I can't help but hear strong echos of Iron Maiden within their Heavy Metal alike melodic riffs. In the vulnerable sung sections backed by hazy distortion guitars its Weezer I can feel.

Like with all their music, the links are keen and its hard to not feel the presence of these other bands yet it comes together in the most gratifying of ways, inspired and far from intimation. They sound more so like a logical successor and that is considering this is their first record. The Great Beyond will probably grab your attention as the flag song for the EP with its main riff shaking the ground each time it rolls around. I really enjoyed this considering how I want nothing but more from this band right now!

Favorite Track: The Great Beyond
Rating: 6/10