Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Desire "Infinity... A Timeless Journey Through An Emotional Dream" (1996)

Chasing down one of many rabbit holes the world wide web offers I somehow found my way to this obscure, niche and unheard of Portuguese band. Sucked in by the vivid and lonesome crimson red cover I heard a sound that reminded me fondly of two records close to my heart that I am yet to talk about on the blog. Doom Metal is probably my most neglected sub genre of Metal considering I adore Black Sabbath and have never heard anything to turn me of the style. This record, Desire's debut, really highlighted the qualities in these other records of which Id never linked to Doom before. If your familiar with the genre you wont be surprised to hear that "Infinity..." is a sorrowful record of mourning, heartache and sadness that flirts with the endless depths of the infinite. That may sound rather unpleasant but its a spiritual, emotional look into the hurt and longing one can feel.

The records moves with a brooding, gargantuan weight that slows many riffs, leads and melodies to a crawl, including the bellowing low growls of vocalist "Tear" who has an astonishingly textured growl that he can draw out with a touch of class. It gravitates deeply to a heavy and menacing side which isn't reflected in the instrumentals that have an almost eerie, nearly gothic vibe with thin synthetic strings peaking from between the bleeding power chords and crashing drums which thunder between spaciously timed tempo keeping hi hats. With drawn out movements and longing melodies the gloom and despair washes over for moments of subtle uplifts where the songs can break for a chunkier groove or colorful synths. Accompanying the main growl, shriller howls and growl come soaked in reverb and on occasions mysterious female vocals drop in the back ground feeling illusive and mournful, despite being rather sublime and tender.

Given the long nature of the albums core songs, up to sixteen minutes, Desire do wonders keeping the mood and atmosphere relevant and moving forward in a slow and reluctant setting that will draw out sections for many minutes. They do however grow and evolve even if at a snails pace and what it greatly benefits from is how suited slow and gradual is for such weighty themes of human sorrow. In the records short tracks we have acoustic, symphonic interludes that feel of the same realm but come across with a scenic, fantasy drive, less human and emotional. "Forever Dreaming" the albums last Metal song is one to remember with a deep nostalgic vibes seeping through the synths and soft effeminate vocals. We grace into another slow crushing movement that's climaxed by an unpolished flute lead that gives a deep sense of mystery and conclusion at the same time. The way these instruments are presented just open dimensions in the mind and as the song draws to a close we are again treated by spell bounding keys that dance lightly.

There was a singular moment which always makes me chuckle where a whispering voice proclaims "Dance with me... infinity". I can never take it seriously, something about the Portuguese accent and whispered delivery tickles me. Other than that I feel this album would of been perfect for me ten years ago, however even as I write and understand this record it still has me at its mercy with its sorrowful mystic and nostalgic atmosphere. The records production is a touch raw and rough in places but in its lower value it finds a sweet charm to let the magic work its ways.

Favorite Tracks: (Leaving) This Land Of The Eternal Desires, Forever Dreaming... (Shadow Dance)
Rating: 8/10