Thursday, 12 May 2016

Inlayer "Sequence" (2015)

Its exciting to hear when Metal reaches new parts of the world and Inlayer are the first band from South Korea Ive heard off. Whats even more exciting is the music, their single "MINDJACK" for a presumed forthcoming album blew me away, possibly one of the best songs I'll hear all year along with Babymetal's "The One". Sequence is a four track EP and the only other music I could find by the Korean band. Released last year it is a step down in production value from the new single which appears to be on a major K-Pop label.

The four piece perform as an instrumental force, playing technical, fast tempo Djent grooves and polyrhythmic signatures with a side lavishing of illustrious reverb laden acoustics, much to the trend of the international scene. Inlayer don't have a lot to distinguish themselves with and can often sound like Animals As Leaders and other Prog Metal bands, however what they do have is quality and a singular trick that seems to find itself in the songs best moments. The hammer on! At many points a hammered on lead will rattle away glorious waves of sweeping colors through fast electric melodies over the rhythmic Djent grooves. Not the most original technique but there is something captivating when they do it.

The first three tracks jam out a fest of color and groove while the final track gets a little experimental with some Post-Metal sounds and steady guitar solos to lead the EP into its climactic groove. It all sounds exciting and energetic but some of this is lost the rawer mix. Where the drums would clearly aid from fidelity it falls a little flat in the recording. All the kicks, snare and cymbals sound flat and as if in a different dimension to the rest of the instruments. Its a shame as the drums themselves are energizing and full of life however this flat recording tone sucks some of that away. Very solid debut but "MINDJACK" has set the bar high for their next release which I am eagerly awaiting.

Favorite Track: Unfine
Rating: 5/10

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