Friday, 6 May 2016

Intronaut "The Direction Of Last Things" (2015)

Recommended by a friend, Intronaut's fifth record and my introduction to the band has been on my mind and infecting my ears for some time now. This four piece band from Los Angeles have been at it for over a decade now and have somehow alluded me in the Progressive Metal scene. "The Direction Of Last Things" is my cup of tea, a deep and dense album that's got a lot to offer however in my many, many dives into this record I have found it difficult to dissect and fathom its inner workings. Instead I find myself drifting between the conscious and subconscious, held in a continual state of suspense, at the mercy of its direction. With every listen I feel as if i know this moment but not where it lies within the record itself, as if my own familiarity is being shrouded by the fog of its genius.

It hits on two levels. In its immediacy a wave of creative metallic riffing grabs your attention with tinges of Djent and Groove Metal reassembled into tight polyrhythmic prog riffs, even echos of sludge in one discordant groove. On its other level a persuasive wave of organic melodies lull the listener it a state of calm as jazzy instrumentals wash over in a breeze of atmospheric relaxation. Under them a big, warm, gorgous bass guitar often struts its way around the fret board, you can feel its vibrations with every note through its density. With it light acoustics hum through reverbs with very light synth lines creating sunny atmospheres drenched in a Post-Metal vibe when making use of light distortions. Every atmospheric break has its nuances and details but for the post part they lean to the Post-Metal etching making use of distant tremolos and the crowding of colorful reverb sounds.

Although hailed as a Progressive Metal record, these songs blur lines and boundaries with organic compositions that flow and swirl in the direction of inspiration. The song structures feel inconsequential as every moment seems to be within itself, never waiting or building to another one. It sets itself free of conformity and traditional structure, not something unusual in this era of music but rarely executed in a way that feels as genuine and organic as this. Its a very strong record with little to fault and one that I feel will grown on me with every passing listen.

Rating: 7/10

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