Friday, 27 May 2016

Tame Impala "Currents" (2015)

Hailing from the other side of the globe, Tame Impala is the musical output of Australian musician Kevin Parker who writes, composes and records all the bands music before taking a crew of musicians to hit the road on tour with him. In the eighth year since its inception Kevin released the third full length which caught my attention some time ago with its intriguing record cover and critical acclaim to peak my interest. It took a few listens to click but has since become my addiction, full of good vibes, luminous music and easy going, laid back atmospheres of psychedelic wonder.

I'm rather inexperienced with Psychedelic Rock and Tame Impala to my ears dwarfs anything Ive heard before it in comparison, as if the genres climax in the 60s and 70s was just a precursor, a prototype for the magic within this record. It oozes, ebbs and flows within an organic tapestry of sounds from electronic and natural instruments formed in a modern production that makes fantastic use chorus pedals, phasers and pitch shifts in its psychedelic moments. The opening track "Let It Happen" drops in a couple of beat skips before breaking into a stunning moment where the beat loops like a CD skip repeating over and over before thematic synths roll in and take over the direction in a moment that felt fresh and unexpected. Its this use of electronics that makes the music glimmer like the summer sun, dense synthesizers weave in and out between the guitars and a solid drum machine with dance kicks, claps and snares hold a solid back bone that in the occasional moment resemble a dance floor beat. 

The music stays true to a warm, heart felt inspiration of summer sun, fresh air and care free good times that radiates when Parker puts his voice into the frame. He has a stunning high pitched and soft tone that breezes through the reverbs he layers his voice with. Its reminiscent of MJ and with his ability to write a solid hook makes for some truly mesmerizing moments where the songs are sparkling like a dream. Together they sound so lush and intricate with layers of sound often trumped by a bright and simple melody to keep it easy going, yet one can peers deeper into the layers of sounds that form into something so effortless to enjoy.

In between the main tracks some trippy interludes crop up and with "The Less I Know The Better" Kevin rocks an olskool Rock / Funk groove on the guitar. Sometimes the drums have a little Hip Hop groove and even a Trap hi hat crops up. This albums flexible and although it doesn't steer far from its core so many things pop up through the record that make it so interesting when examining closer. Its a record for the warm climate, summer music, for good times and with the magic Kevin delivers good times will be made. Its such an impressive record, especially considering he did everything here himself. Writing, recording and production. Hats off!

Favorite Songs: Let It Happen, The Less I Know The Better, Cause I'm A Man, Reality In Motion
Rating: 9/10