Thursday, 5 May 2016

Emperor "Emperor" (1993)

Its been a long time since I listened to Emperor's fantastic four track debut EP with its iconic record art, once again using Gustave Dore's dark and unholy engravings from the 19th century. These songs are taken from the same studio sessions as "As The Shadows Rise" and somehow feels vastly different. This is probably due to the familiarity of two songs from "In The Nightside Eclipse" and the subduing of the bands more abrasive and demonic vocal style. It is in fact very similar in an analytical sense. The guitars have the same distinct thin and fuzzy distortion, however in its vibe and atmosphere it offers more immersion thanks to the song writing.

The records only weak point might be "Wrath Of The Tyrant" which conjures a minimal atmosphere from the distant underlying synth and occasional wolf howl. Its a touch thin and light on notation with just a couple of bare riffs holding it together. Feels as if there is a missing place for a lead guitar or complimenting section to occupy and between the songs main two phases there is little chemistry or relation. On the other hand "Night Of The Graveless Souls" serves as a exciting fast paced classic which the band would play live at shows through the years. Blitzing blast beats and moshable guitar riffs collide with a catchy melody on the synths that stab there way around the songs key Thrash Metal riff as the song chops and changes hastily through its compositions.

With the other two songs from their debut full length we get a taste of synths still taking hold in the bands chemistry and sound, although practically identical the tone and mixing of the synths strips back the atmosphere to a raw and striking pose that again illuminates the immersive aesthetic of their debut. Very fun and enjoyable EP. Its a shame they didn't record a few more songs in this session!

Favorite Song: Night Of The Graveless Souls
Rating: 5/10

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