Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Bullet For My Valentine "Gravity" (2018)

They were once a young and promising act but these days Bullet For My Valentine are drifting towards obscurity. They have never interested me that much, last time I checked them out was a decade ago with Scream Aim Fire which I remember being at least half decent. These days I am far more open to Pop Metal and these lush, clean sounds. Gravity is on one hand is an easily enjoyable record, bright, pristine aesthetics, easily digestible with warm, harmonious singing and a sprinkle of bombastic riffs between its fluffy lighter appeal.

On the other hand its lyrically atrocious, full of angsty lyrics trying to tie heightened emotional words of pain and struggle to rather hollow and shallow themes of social relationships expressed through plain and simple language. It conveys little complexity or depth and reminds me of the lyrics my teenage self would of latched onto. Packaged into simple song structures it feels all to formulaic. After a play through it dawned on me that the whole project is very much treading in the shadows of Thats The Spirit, a record that reinvigorated much of the Hybrid Theory formula, in a really positive way. Bullet deploy all the tropes Bring Me The Horizon's recent sound. The song Under Again sounds like a pure unflattering imitation.

The synth tones, gang shouts have little original going for them and once it had crossed my mind I couldn't get away from how much the vocals emulate Chester Bennington. The delivery, the notes, the inflections, Ive heard it all before.  This record sounds like its doing very little to stand on its own. Trend following and niceness daunt its ability to create any original moments. In all fairness is pretty easily enjoyed if you tune out the lyrics. Its well produced and well written Pop music but its facade is thin and a lack of authenticity will have you scrutinizing on closer inspection.

Rating: 3/10