Saturday, 6 February 2016

Between The Buried And Me "Coma Ecliptic" (2015)

This post will be short and sweet.. Or short and bitter? Its been about a month or so since I last gave this one a listen and I still find myself emotionally distant from it and that's a real shame. Between The Buried And Me are an American Progressive Metal band from North Carolina who just under a decade ago transitioned from a generic Metalcore, Deathcore band to into a Progressive outfit that made waves with the release of 2007's "Colors". With shades of their Metalcore days lingering the band have been sharpening their tools over the years and producing better and better records, refining their sound. I was excited when the release of "Coma Ecliptic" was announced and its been quite the disappointment.

I could comment on the intricacies that make up the compositions, the details in the aesthetics and instruments but it would all be in vein as little of is inspired by the events that transpire through this seventy minute Prog fest. There's a plentiful amount of transitions between the chugging heavy guitars and lighter melody led leads with a a whole host of playful music ideas in between. They move from one to the next and between a couple of swooning moments there's very little to connect with. It all feels a touch uninspired, mediocre and like a band going through the motions. There's nothing to be found that's unexpected or jumping out of the speakers to grabs you. I don't know where the passion is, and often it drifted off into the distance, unable to hold my attention. There's nothing offensive here, plenty to nod along with but it left no lasting mark past one or two leads or vocals. Disappointed but I don't fault the band, I just couldn't connect with this one.

Rating: 4/10