Monday, 22 February 2016

Erang "Land Of The Five Seasons" (2016)

This latest Erang record had me at a distance, in wanting to connect with it Ive been pushed away and when Ive made no attempt I have been sucked in. When live streaming the power of the music pushes through into focus at various points in the record, engulfing me in its persuasion. When listening intently, analyzing and thinking about my thoughts the magic is dispelled and In thinking of what this means I have come to my conclusion on what I think is the least progressive work Ive heard in a while. It is not without its charm and my undying passion for new and interesting sounds might make that sound a little harsh but I am speaking in the realm of meaningless expectation, to hear an artist find new ground, where as this one revisited.

Land of the five seasons could be considered a return to the roots, the "Tome" era, noticeably 13 tracks in length too. Simpler, melodies and song structures led by fantasy driven nostalgia for the imagination to drift away is where its magic lies. With a lower fidelity and with a touch more Dungeon Synth aesthetic, we sail through misty winds into the mysterious unknown. Its a calmer, slower record that sets its eerie accent gracefully. Its steady and balanced, conjuring its atmospheres with carefully chosen instruments to inspire and charm.

What makes this record is frustrating for me is its secrecy and lack of immediacy. I say this because most often I put on an Erang record and I'm there. However with this record I cannot get there if I pay attention, listen closely. But maybe that's just me, or my mood but when its on in the background it goes deep into the subconscious and unexpectedly creeps up on you with an explosion of magic. Two things I loved was to hear Erang's voice, clean and honest on "Deep Down Into Your Heart" and the fiery "The Red Snakes Of Amang" getting a great sound out of FL Slayer with its shimmering distortions. I have mixed feelings about this one, It has powerful subtleties and a strange transparency too.

Favorite Songs: The Tangerine Theif Of Tadyar, The Red Snakes Of Amrang
Rating: 5/10