Sunday, 14 February 2016

Hüsker Dü "New Day Rising" (1985)

 This record peaked my interest when reading through several "Top 500" album lists. I'd never heard of this American Hardcore group before but given my interest in the genre I gave it a try. I'll be blunt, this record was not for me, the reason behind its high praise and acclaim alludes me and I'm left with a record that I've given months too and every time I give it a spin, I full into a lull, failing to engage. You can't expect to like everything and that always feel like a loss to me, a missed experience.

The record opens with its striking guitar sound, a thin, flat, buzzed out distortion tone tinging with an inharmonious quality floods the air. Its an uncomfortable vibration piercing through solid baselines and a tight powerful drum sound. On occasion it finds a moment with some well constructed riffs but for the most part falls flat on indulgence, its comparable to primitive Black Metal distortion, but not as appealing for me. To make things worse the vocals screech and yell off key, a rawness I'd usually go for but in this instance it made for sore ears. Voice cracks and miss hit notes are littered through the record, its got passion but I can't vibe with it.

The records production is pretty rough and varied too, many songs sound like they are from different sessions and some serve the record much better than the opener. The albums second song is a mighty fine track, showing off the bands ability to write catchy pop songs, unfortunately the aesthetics and performances strip many of the tracks of what is inherently good song writing, great choruses and sing along hooks, although this could only be said for a handful of tracks in the opening half. As the record drones on the musical ideas get less and less interesting and the guitar tone gets tiring.

Favorite Song: Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
Rating: 3/10