Sunday, 21 February 2016

Dan Terminus "Rêverie" (2014)

For my second dive into the small discography of French electronic composer Dan Terminus I thought this short twenty minute EP would be an interesting listen. "Rêverie"is a break from the norm as Dan stated he would have fun, taking a break from the usual dark themes and aesthetics in favor of something happy and upbeat. Luckily for me that form of "happy" vibe isn't overly chirpy, enthusiastic or free of balance, there is plenty of room for other feelings to populate these generally positive songs however Dan can't help but steer to darker leanings at times.

In comparison to "The Wrath Of Code" we have a very similar production style but with more space in the mix to breath as the textural synths are used more sparingly. They still pack a punch with some deep wave forms but the lack of depth in layers frees the listener of the demanding density. Breaking away from the dark sound Dan still has a heavy retro inspiration that paints techno-electro fantasies with colorful dancing synthesizers. The 80s vibes course through these tracks, most noticeable when the Phil Collins style synth toms come punching into tracks with their rigid tumbling tom rolls.

Between the five tracks there is plenty of variation mainly in themes and leads. Most the tracks take on a similar tempo with momentous rhythmic patterns, as if hurtling down the cyber highway, sun glasses and hair blowing in the wind like a bad ass. Unlike the previous record I checked out the leading instruments shuffle through many more passageways and moments, rarely repeating back on themselves which made for much more progressive and organic tracks that held my interest for longer. Its a warm, breezy record knee deep in the retro-electro nostalgic fantasies that could be associated with early home console era in the mid 80s, however much richer in quality and dexterity. Dan shows a different side of himself here, one I think I prefer.

Rating: 5/10