Sunday, 27 March 2016

Irreversible Mechanism "Infinite Fields" (2015)

There is a reason Ive waited a while to talk about this record, It reminded me so fondly at the time of Dimmu Borgir's "Puritanical Euthoric Misanthropia", I wanted to write about that one first. PEM is the sort of record that paths the way for these high octane, Extreme Metal and Symphonic hybrids. In the time thats passed Ive paid more attention to the bands Death Metal traits and perhaps it bares more of a resemblance to a band like Aeons Confer but whatever similarities it has, It's part of a musical niche I adore. I spotted this on Blood Music's bandcamp page, the same place I discovered Kauan, instantly I knew it was for me. Irreversible Mechanism are a duo from Minsk, Belarus. The first music from this country I am proud to add to my archive, which is organized by country. "Infinite Fields" is their debut dropped last year.

Much like the aforementioned bands, this one exists in the technical ecstasy of high precision, energetic performances of tight, sturdy musicianship and guitar shredding that requires much skill, dexterity and musical understanding to execute. There's not to much to distinguish them from the genres expectations, they have a more Death Metal leaning and don't over emphasize any instruments but what is apparent is the level of excellence that never lets up from start to end. Its experience is pragmatically dark and sinister, with a tinge of that astral charm where choral synths bring a sense of vastness only known in space and time. The flow is consistent and rarely breaks for any form of tangent, the guitars however often drop out to let composed symphonies to shine through, which are ever present, but sometimes out shined and drowned out by the metallic intensity.

Over soft lush strings beautiful pianos chime in the moments between the blistering guitars and the record has a stunning production of which the snare drum has a punchy, cutting chop that slices through stunningly on many of the blast beats the records drummer turns to in between a continual barrage of fast, interchanging technical beats, fills and rolls. It is quite the onslaught with all instruments firing on all cylinders with detailed levels of instrumentation. It all finds its place in the balance to make remarkable atmospheres perfect for a fan of this particular type of Extreme Symphonic Metal!

Rating: 7/10