Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Savages "Silence Yourself" (2013)

Taking a step back to their debut record we check out the UK based Post-Punk revival band Savages critically acclaimed arrival onto the music scene. With three years between it and the brilliant "Adore Life" the bands identity and defined sound remains as firmly in place as its successor with little evolution between the two. Its another riveting collection of brooding songs that shimmer in the darkness as grey, and cloudy aesthetics let a myriad of energy emanate from within through its grisly exterior.

With retrospect I hear a rawer expression at work, bolder, daring and noisy but with less craft for the subtleties and focused song writing on what was to follow. With that comes a few track that delve deeper into atmospheres of struggle and conflict and others that play fearlessly with lively, excessive noise. Beyond its differences a lot of these tracks feel interchangeable with "Adore Life" and stir up many similar feelings, thoughts and emotions.

I do feel that singer Jehnny Beth has more energy and strength in her performances, although singing with the same attitude one can feel more energy and passion for most these songs. Even in her softer moments she sounds more involved. The instrumentation and production is on par and I'm left with not much more to say about what isn't a wildly different record. I do feel the bands songs are a shell to be cracked, the sort that take time to fully appreciate. For the many times ill be enjoy their records in the future, I hope to understand the depths they clearly offer.

Favorite Tracks: Shut Up, She Will, No Face, Dear Marshall
Rating: 8/10