Saturday, 30 January 2021

Soley "Ask The Deep" (2015)

Prompted by the stunning Endless Summer, I wanted enjoy more of Icelandic singer songwriter Soley's music. Ive found myself on familiar ground, as the twisted darkly album art would suggest, this is the creepier side of her sound I remember from We Sink. It has a hint of the direction to come with Dreamers in its closing phase but mostly resides in the ambiguous shadows of eeriness. Always without danger or threat these songs revel in a childish wonder surrounded by a darkness that never gets close. Its clearly a bridge between the two aforementioned records.

Ask The Deep strolls through its lukewarm apatite, songs croon by as warm pianos cushion the waves for her soft voice to gently act as the sails pulling it along. Each track steadily builds with a wonderful but not overwhelming variety of instruments brooding towards swells of sound often risen by luscious airy synths. Its percussive drive is refreshing, grooves snap, shuffle and patter with the less conventional drum tones the snare and kick would normally occupy. The mood break to a grave tone with the subdued One Eyed Lady and Ohljoo, I Will Never brings in a funeral gloom later on. Its contrasted but provides variety that shifts deeper into any unease.
Follow Me Down has this Dungeon Synth arrangement on loop, buried bellow other instruments. I could swear its from Trolldom. Probably just a very similar melodic composition. All in all its a lovely record. Mysterious and slightly esoteric, my focus is always pulled away from the brightness that emanates from Soley's voice over the warm pianos. Its not actually that dark of a record but isn't quite as remarkable as what she will go on to create and the brighter songs are all my favorites.

Rating: 6/10