Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Spellling "Mazy Fly" (2019)

Having been dazzled by an enchanting music experience with The Turning Wheel, this sophomore predecessor suffers the fate a shadow can cast. Its a notable experience Ive had on this journey when turning back the ticking hands of time. Mazy Fly has the same peculiar chemistry, a heart of soul espousing an eclectic convergence of styes and aesthetics. My lack of indulgence came about in its comparatively less nuanced approach. The brash 808 percussive pallet in the opening tracks exemplifying this bare bones feeling where the shades of chemistry seem obvious and separated.

Melted Wings brings out an of tune violin for an ambiguous dance into sorrows before being interspersed with spacey synth tones. Its a little unclear what the purpose is but followed up by more borderline cheesy, brash and bold synth tones, the melding of styles finds a spark on Hard To Please. Rubbing up against stiff percussion, its dreamy echoing Ethereal backdrop reminiscent of Julie Cruise finds much gusto as the strong synths bloom inline with Spellling's charming soulful singing.

For me this mid track was very much the albums crescendo, a peak reached that its successor cruised along. The rest of the record has these peculiar arrangements of Neo Soul, Chamber Pop, Psychedelia and Electronic aesthetics that don't quite align with the singing. The vocals swell with power and cower with breathy vulnerability but for all the orchestration animating away, It didn't resonate on the same wavelength as my first and powerful introduction to this interesting artist. I think I will leave the exploration here and keep an ear out for future releases!

Rating: 6/10