Saturday, 29 August 2015

Anthemon "Kadavreski" (2005)

A while back I picked out "Dystopia", an all time favorite record of mine, to cover here on the blog. It occurred to me that Id never given their other records much attention. I picked out the follow up record, and subsequently their last, to listen too. It has a very familiar pallet with similar tones, the acoustic and distortion guitars, the operatic vocals and a wall of symphony through the electronics all feel very much of the same page, the only difference are some rougher guttural growls on the opener.

Consisting of four tracks the record opens up with an ambitious 23 minute piece that develops from a majestic traveler into a dark and hasty aggressor accompanied by vicious growls and hammering snare drums as the track unravels back and forth between somber acoustics and doom drenched crawlers crying out unsettled melodies over thick, symphonic chords plastered in distortion guitar. The progression is ever shifting in direction like schizophrenia, as if fighting between different parallels. At around fifteen minutes the song breaks its form with a lush, dreamy laden of piano sweeping in fast flowing, gorgeous form before confining itself to a simple melody that sets a tone for the final part of the track that fails to make sense, or climax the song with any meaning.

The lack of direction or cohesion gives this one an unusual taste, despite being a little erratic and shifting, whatever is taking place sounds great for the most part. The group deliver a similar taste of melody and mood to the predecessor, but not the song structure and emotional narrative. The following songs feel second fiddle to the colossal opener and feel easier to digest and understand in their small length, despite continual shifting mood, melody and tempo that turns in a heart beat. The final track "Weight Of The Feather" has the simplest of song structures present and from the mid point draws the record to a close with a big crunchy riff chugged over and over as the growing magnitude of symphony is cut short by the strike of a gong.

"Kadavreski" is a confusing record, one that's hard to form an opinion on. Its ambitious opener doesn't sit right with the other three songs and they all shift and turn a little to fast to follow. That being said at all times the record provides a lush dense wall of swallowing sound to get lost in, with moody brooding melodies leading the way.

Rating: 6/10

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