Thursday, 6 August 2015

Graveland "Raise Your Sword!" (2001)

Taking a little nostalgia trip back to "Prawo Stali" my research led me to this Graveland record which consists of three tracks from the same recording session. It's labeled as an "EP" and clocks in at thirty minutes, not far from what could be considered a full record however these songs were left off the record for a reason and despite being such, they make for an enjoyable listen.

"Till The Final Death" marches to the same warlike anthems of the full length, parading battle horns and war crys under the focus of tempered guitars that don't have quite the same groove and momentum, but bare a colder vision with riffs that lurk into higher octaves, rattling and fuzzing away at the mercy of the low fidelity distortion. Between these moments the familiar shifting riffs chime away with the symphonic elements and make for a solid song.

"Temple Of My Hatred" dives into darker regions with a relatively similar style of track, utilizing the same lengthy song structures and compositional choices, but homing in on a darker tone through a memorable lead rift that once again comes through a wash of fuzz and rattle as the distortion's higher end struggles to contain. A selection of moodier riffs give this one a different twist but its a very familiar feel.

"W Objecia Simerci" is the records most distinctive song with a different mix that has the snare snapping through the mix and more space between the guitars and synth. The composition is a little more sparse too with plenty of passages for just the guitars, or for them to drop behind the synth which has some brilliant choir tones singing out booming chants in their moments. Overall its really enjoyable, but a definite mark behind the full length which had the pick of the sessions best songs.

Favorite Track: Temple Of My Hatred
Rating: 6/10

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