Friday, 21 August 2015

Cal Chuchesta "The New Calassic" (2015)

 Anthony Fantano, AKA "The Needle Drop" brings his much loved idiotic, clueless roommate character into the spotlight with a mixtape record of songs to make you chuckle and laugh as Cal Chuchesta fumbles through a collection of rap numbers exposing his confused and dimwitted mind. The record is a collaborative effort with Fantano calling on his friends from the music parody scene to help produce and feature on the record, giving it some immersion and atmosphere as the features play in on the joke and give it some continuity.

The record starts off pretty strong, delivering some amusing lines and themes over some solid beats. As the album draws on things get a little stale, but it can be hard to stomach Cal for to long, especially as someone who doesn't listen to much comedy music. Its a difficult chemistry to achieve, matching good music with laughs but there defiantly moments where Fantano gets it right with some terrific lines "Got people calling me a parody, but no rapper compare to me" and "Iluminium rappers, plans get foiled". There's plenty of amusing lines throughout the record but rarely are they strung together through an entire track. The line "Rappers don't ride bikes, because they cant handle bars" could pass for a legitimate rap, reworded a little.

Behind the comedy the beats are pretty decent with the exception of one or two. Generally they have a modern sound with deep sub kicks, snappy snares and sharp hi hats. Makes for an enjoyable listen with Cal's inoffensive tone drifting into the background if your focusing on other things. Some of Cal's best moments come from his backup voice reassuring his raps and sometimes interacting with him directly, exchanging unusual dialog. The ending skit with Anthony and Cal is hilarious with Anthony talking to the listeners while Cal groans and cry's in the backdrop. Its a comedy record, we can't take it to seriously but it could of delivered more. A couple of tracks deliver humor you can return to over and over but the most if is mildly amusing and doesn't have much replay value.

Favorite Songs: Hot Dinner, Cocoa, I Need My Friends
Rating: 4/10