Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Commissioner "What Is Commissioner" (2011)

What is Commissioner? That's a reasonable question to ask, but unfortunately the answer is far from. Commissioner is a noisy hash of genre crossing ideas that could of had some chemistry if it wasn't for a horrid execution and lack of emotion. I found this record when researching Suicide Silence's "You Can't Stop Me" record released last year. It was their first without singer Mitch Lurker who participated in this project before his death in 2012. The project is a collaboration with California based producer "Big Chocolate", the man behind "Disfiguring The Goddess" and you can hear a lot of that blunt force trauma vocal production style on this short record.

In an attempt to crossover Deathcore and Dubstep the two create a sour lifeless curdling of blistering noise that lacks any excitement. A continual barrage of wordless, deafening screams play out over a colorless mix of electronics and guitars. The slightly djenty, tonal guitar bludgeons chord after chord without a grain of groove or feeling. The electronics batter away with ugly, awkward textures and alien, industrial noises that are often very unbalanced in the mix and have uninteresting wobbles and noises screeching over what little is going on in the background. Theres a lot of harsh chopping and glitching sounds thrown in too the already clustered and aimless songs, further dispelling any signs of music.

It's truly been an awful listening experience, of the few times I could bare to stomach this record I found nothing in these lifeless noise abuse tracks. On paper a lot of whats going on could work, however the execution seem to suck out all feeling. The heavy guitars could of easily added in a little groove and mosh, but the breakdowns where beyond lackluster and everything about this record just reeked. Its hard to be so critical but there was truly nothing to take away from this experience.

Rating: 0/10


  1. When i read this my brain used your voice.your review is very descriptive.however personally i have a very narrow amout of music i like and this i would never listen to. I have listened to suicide silence but meh not that good. But anyways happy birthday haha -icefyra

  2. I wonde rwhat your opinion is on post-metal. Would you please do Amenra with there album 'Mass IIII'

  3. Daheck is this album hahahaha