Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mindless Faith "Eden To Abyss" (2015)

I was engulfed by a wave of excitement when I saw this record pop up in my feed. I can't remember how exactly I found this American band from Maryland, but back in 2012 I got hold of their record "Just Defy" and was impressed with the striking balance of Industrial Metal and EDM the band achieve. Leaning more towards the Neue Deutsche Härte style they fuse mammoth guitars with pulsating dance kicks and Aggro-Tech saw wave electronic leads. As the name suggests "Mindless Faith" muse over critical observations of human behavior when it comes to religion, money and consumerism, with a peril outlook.

"Eden To Abyss" develops the groups sound further into its electronic side with the big crunching guitars drifting behind the synthesized leads that sound thick and dense. There presence is richer and decorates the tracks with layers of tinkering industrial noises that latch around the main drum beat while aggressive leads run the show. The bass kicks thud and pound away like the heart of the track, continually aligning a dark rhythmic energy underneath that makes you want to move. Singer Jason delivers his words with steady passing as his rough distorted delivery bleeds into the track, making for a nihilistic sound.

Aesthetically the group have made a stronger, bolder record with louder instruments, ramped up aggression on the synths and made a more appealing vibe however its not quite there on the songwriting front. On "Just Defy" track after track rolled by making a resounding impression, often peaked by the lyrics. On this one the lyrical themes didn't hit as hard and often the songs drift into themselves and loose their hard hitting momentum. The more ambiance oriented moments are enjoyable but its pounding tracks like "Shit Show" that make the record work. Despite some criticism, there is some improvement and progression between records and overall makes for a very enjoyable listen if your looking for dark and heavy Industrial EDM.

 Favorite Tracks: Shit Show, The Fluffer
Rating: 6/10

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