Saturday, 7 January 2017

Dead Can Dance "Garden Of The Arcane Delights" (1984)

Released later in the year of their self titled debut record, Australian duo Dead Can Dance make an important distinction of ideas, moving away from their Post-Punk, Gothic Rock roots on two of these four tracks. Its with singer Gerrad that the leap is made to rid themselves of imposed restrictions and follow inspiration. Her voice is primed with character, ethnicity and mysticism as ancient cultural vibes are conjured through her vibrant singing. She leads the way as the percussive instrumentation weaves itself between different instruments, a continual beating of tribal, human drums and plucking of dense melodies.

In the other two songs Perry sings along to numbers that still have echos of the Post-Punk baselines and dreary gothic guitars heard before. More so "The Arcane" sounds like a left over from the debut, very much in the same vein as most of the music on that record. Production is a little clearer but with four tracks there isn't much to marvel, however with the two we hear the important steps towards their greatness first taken, and it should be said they are no primitive inceptions but rather bright, shining embers of spirit and imagination.

Favorite Tracks: Carnival Of Light, Flowers Of The Sea
Rating: 4/10