Friday, 6 January 2017

Ubiquity Is The Answer "Infinite Number of Elements" (2007)

Side project of French musician Cheney from Void Thru Materialism, "Ubiquity Is The Answer" is a similar beast of mathematical Djent Metal with touches of Thrash, Groove and Extreme Metal. It sounds like an outtake record, the guitar tone is almost identical and its only the style and abrasive approach that separates its identity from VTM. "Infinite Number of Elements" is a harsh rhythmic assault that strips back harmonization and melodies in favor of hard crunching metallic grooves which delve into polyrhythms and mathematic time signatures within the context of the overall 4/4.

Its drum machine is especially raw, snare rolls sound like machine gun fire and its volume in the mix is overbearing. That and Cheney's whispered scream style turns a quite fruitful musical experiment into a dizzying onslaught as the magic in the guitars is constantly weighed down by ugly drum kit sounds and over compensating vocals that lack a proper scream. The guitar tone on the other hand is spot on, big bold, tonal and performed to perfection for a range of tricky note fretting.

Behind its ugly facade an unstructured riff fest emerges where elastic grooves, temporal chugging and tribal antics are set free to explore themselves on the open field. Mostly its one to the next as the guitar leads the music in a linear fashion through each idea. The best moments come when the guitars double up because its mostly a singular riff at the fore front, when a lead guitar or alternative rhythm guitar joins in there are sparks of magic. "One To Six" being one of the record harshest songs find a moment of charm smothered by aggressive drums where an alien hammer on lead opens a dimension of sound along side the main guitar.

"Anonmaly Number Five" has a flash of things to come as the song abruptly breaks to a moment of jazzy Metal and follows it up with textural Djent's much in the style of Animals As Leaders. Aside from that their isn't much else that tells a tale of things to come. Cheney is very much focusing on the mathematics and odd time signatures that Meshuggah had brought to prominence. Its very much a record of experiments and outtakes, weighed down by a lack of polish in production and a tech demo vibe that comes across in the riff lead progression. It is however enjoyable but not something to come back to.

Favorite Track: Organic Texture
Rating: 4/10