Thursday, 12 January 2017

Izioq "Hello! I'm An Album" (2017)

I had to look it up to confirm, the first release we covered in 2016 was Izioq's "New Songs For Old Kids" and fittingly so is it this years first record we cover on this blog! Its the French composers fifth full length and one that's self aware. The album name and track titles like "I Can't Make An Album Without A Song About My Cat" and "Nice To Meet You I'm The First Track" make playful fun of the childlike and innocent aspirations for the music. Its no departure or major progression but another selection of tracks in the established style totaling fifty one minutes to make it the longest yet!

With that length and self aware persona comes an unfiltered variety that's loaded with sounds reminiscent of previous records as well as new vibes too. The most pleasing aspect for me where dreamy tracks full of quirky daydream melodies dressed up with lush reverbs and playful drum beats that played homage to the innocence of imagination. On a couple of tracks with more fleshed out beats it started to lean in a Downtempo direction with slow repetitive snare kick grooves which were quite engrossing.

Those more progressive styles where found between tracks with similar formats and templates to previous Izioq songs which weighed the experience down for me. It can be hard to get excited for the same ideas done over, the album opener sounds much like "Retro Life"s opener. The sixth track breaks to Izioq whistling the tune of the songs melody, which Ive heard before and so between some very pleasing tracks are throwbacks and homages that I didn't feel brought more to the table.

 The best moments came from the more cautious and cinematic instrumentation that broke away from the conventional quirky melodies and playful upbeat character. The last songs of the record drifted into a reflective and moody state which yielded the fantastic " Joyeuses Vagues", translated "happy waves", which brings a moving sense of departure and farewell in a serene setting, a really warming composition. "Hello! I'm An Album" is a mixed bag of treats, some old, some new and all things in between.

Favorite Tracks: Doodoon Song, Izioqism, A Nifflas Lecture, Joyeuses Vagues, See You Soon
Rating: 6/10