Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Young Guns "Echoes" (2016)

"Echoes" Is the bands forth record and my second listening to them. Following 2015's "Ones And Zeros" the band hastily moved to the studio to crank out another eleven tracks of their gleaming, poppy breed of Alternative Rock, edged with the occasional moment of Metal. Their sound is appealing in many senses, Its a simple format, catchy and energetic with an inviting tone but that rooted pop structure gives it a lack of depth. These songs are pleasant but their fruits dry up quickly in a routine of verse chorus and a cliched style of lyricism.

 A few moments of dynamic riffage and a couple of infectious hooks breath a little life into an otherwise mediocre record. The constant dazzling tone of the octane guitar and singer Wood's easy voice masks the momentary feel of these songs. Glorious in one moment and gone the next its an aesthetic experience that fails to yield anything lasting. It might be a harsh criticism but really its a personal preference, their style doesn't resonate deeply with me.

The currently trending "woha woha" backing vocals drive me a little mad but its the song "Paradise" that takes the biscuit. For me, the lyrics feel hollow and attempting to be far greater than any meaning they provide. Whatever "Somethings wrong is paradise" may be about, it comes across as a self absorbed tragedy, the ballad approach with Wood singing his best over the soft piano just feels so formulaic as if they were gunning for something musically the lyrics couldn't match up to.

I do actually like this band, they have a great live show and I'm fond of their aesthetic but the pop side of their music pulls them in the wrong direction at many turns. Last record they pulled up some really strong songs with fantastic hooks but it just hasn't worked out the same way this time around. A quite disappointing record but certainly not a turn off, Its enjoyable in its moment.

Favorite Track: Echoes
Rating: 4/10


  1. I always come to your blog when looking for new music. Have to say this is a very good band. Thanks for sharing!

    1. They certainly have a strong appeal to them :-)