Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Fief "I" (2016)

With a finger on the pulse of a fantasy realm, Fief captures a friendly, uplifting tone of familiarity within the lands of imagination. With soft, quaint plucked instruments and gentle pianos working in tandem, the mood is inviting and conjures images of medieval charm, a world of magic and wonder without the grit and grime of technology-less society. Its a realm of simplicity and majesty where battles between good and evil come without collateral damage. Fable is the game I am reminded of however its been years since I touched it. "I" is the perfect soundtrack to a fantasy RPG, one that is without a darker side of its reality and It could so easily work with such a game however its powerful enough to stand on its own feet.

At twenty minutes its a short but sweet affair of lush compositions as harmonious instruments dance around one another with an endless string of melodies and chords to vibe from. Its without a rhythm section or vocals, however an occasional low key plucking can keep a steady tempo for the other instruments to work around. Flutes, harpsichords, the chiming of bells and the like make for a soothing set of sounds that are without anything experimental or obtuse. Its direct, well executed and my only complaint is the short nature of the record which could command a mood for far longer!

Rating: 6/10


  1. Hey X, great blog like always. i don't really see why you gave it a 6/10 while the only negative you mentioned is the length of the record. I think it deserves a bit more than that.

    I also remember sacrificing 100 innocent civilians for a better weapon in fable, so there can be quite a lot of "collateral damage" in that game. This record reminds me more of banished, or another game where you try to build a settlement and battle the environment in the medieval times.

    Looking forward to the next blog.


    1. I remember Fable being rather innocent myself but then that was ten years ago :-D I gave it a 6/10 because its twenty minutes long. Length is important to me, might sound odd but I feel it takes away from the immersion when it doesnt last long