Thursday, 26 January 2017

Oranssi Pazuzu "Värähtelijä" (2016)

The evolution of sound is a fascinating thing. Time broadens the horizon of imagination and the scope of progression. Like the secrets of the universe, every new understanding yields more questions and so with every new style, genre and niche comes the possibility for a growing wealth ideas to cross paths. Finish band "Oranssi Pazuzu" are no new originality but a genius union of ideas fused with an artistic vision that blows the lid of expectations. Its a fond reminder to keep perusing and investing in the continual unfolding of music, in search of those moments where goosebumps blister the skin and time stands still in wonder of the power music holds over the mind.

Its seventeen minute saga "Vasemman Käden Hierarkia" is one of those sublime moments and one must relish in its fever. Eerie and dissonant guitars haunt a menacing, prowling baseline on the hunt, crashing into a harsh storm of abrasive psychedelia, its shrill distortion washed in the ecstasy of trippy shimmering infractions in the guitars tone. It regathers and intensifies with the warning call of an alien siren, before ushering in a moment of relief as gleaming vocals push back the unrelenting dark for a moment of respite before the two entertain one another in a back and forth.

The atmosphere thickens and broadens as if the embers of this clash are fizzling out, the chilling cold looms around as the maddening chime of strings refuse to fade out. It broods, swirls and manifests into a bleak, wintry return as the voice of the guitar takes on an inhuman form of malicious desire. As the voice returns one can hear the bellowing of a beast rumbling from the depths, it sends shivers down my spine. This bellowing transforms into an effeminate call of distress and as the song reaches its climatic plummet into the bowls of hell the voice erupts into a siren of eternal torment. A completely riveting and sonic experience, vivid and surreal.

Although a singular moment of artistic excellence takes the crown, the record is an expansive selection of ideas that delve deeply into its twisted blend of Post-Metal, Black Metal and Psychedelia. The Post reflects its noise driven narrative of unraveling dense layers of sound. The Black paints the mood charcoal black with a chromatic, unrelenting aesthetic for a chilling, haunting tone. The Psychedelia twists a familiar theme into new territory with its harrowing sense of mental dementia inflicted through psychotropic electronic sounds that align with the metallic tone as if the two were never apart.

The groups music often resides within an unsettled feeling of suspense where its as if something is brewing, often it is simply that feeling of unease that is the magic. No rocking riffs, catchy melodies or grooving beats, "Värähtelijä" is an experience of scenic music painting the blackest imagery with its perpetual presence of ambiguity and torment. The detail in its design is stunning and their is little to flaw bar a slightly less engaging closer track which evolves into a tribal dance beat, actually quite the interesting track but is maybe a pinch of the mark. Its almost a pointless comment to make of such an accomplished record where every song aims to reach into mysterious places and does so with an unrivaled demeanor.

Favorite Track: Vasemman Käden Hierarkia
Rating: 9/10