Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Fief "II" (2016)

Not much more can be said about this record than previously mentioned in yesterdays post "I". Unsurprisingly, "II" is the second record from the Utah based musician, released just a month ago. Its another transformative piece of music for meditation as one is enveloped by the simplistic beauty and melodies that conjure ages of old. The album cover is far more suggestive of the setting than its predecessor, images of caves, forests, nature and magical beasts match the gentle music which will take you on a stroll through the pleasantries of your imagination.

Musical differences are hard to come by, aesthetically the instruments feel unchanged and produced with the same level of crisp clarity. In composition "II" is sparse in many places with less instruments layering up around one another. This is especially notable in a handful of tracks which clearly set out to work with less. As a result this may be a longer listen but Its a step behind the density of "I" which was an engrossing quality, a busying of sound which doesn't charm in the same way when its mellowed down. Its still fantastic, magical music but mostly resides in the realm of expectation.

Rating: 6/10


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  2. Went out and gave the albums a listen a while ago and I enjoyed both of them. They certainly do make great background music whilst gaming or reading, but I have to agree that the first album felt much richer in terms of the density of the music, which allowed me to become much more immersed. The second album gave off some great vibes as well, but it kept the same style and many of the same melodic structures as the first album whilst not really doing anything to improve on them. Either way, I'll probably end up getting both them to put in my ambient music playlist :-)

    1. Yes i agree, improvements were not made :-) What else do you have on that playlist rocky?

    2. Well to start, I don’t much like artists that primarily label themselves as “ambient musicians”, as their music tends to sound a bit clubby and spaced-out. I much prefer music that gives me a sense of nostalgia or creates a light mood of pleasantry. Unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of artists that consistently do this well, and so I often end up listening to music from forgotten soundtracks and piano/guitar covers of them. My playlist also contains some jazz and Bossa Nova, as well as quite a bit of classical and Celtic/Irish Folk. The problem with classical is that each song tends to try to take you through every single emotion and so at some point almost every song becomes pretty bombastic, which breaks my state of thought. Oddly enough, songs like Deep Peace don’t seem to have that effect, probably because they’re more groovy.
      That’s about it. Do you have any artists you would recommend?

    3. Oh, didn't notice that you had a genre tag for it, I'll have to read through some of your reviews :D

    4. For consistent tones look for "drones" or "drone music". A lot of it is quite dark and noise oriented, sometimes more melodic, harder to find. Id recommend these records for various styles which may offer an unintrusive and consistent mood.

      Earth - Hibernaculum
      Yayga - Sleepygirls
      Julie Cruse - Floating Into The Night
      Lycia - Cold
      Brian Eno - Ambient 2

      The reason i think you get on with Deep Peace is because its progressive and its moods shift slowly. Classical is often very theatrical with big twists and turns.