Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Fief "II" (2016)

Not much more can be said about this record than previously mentioned in yesterdays post "I". Unsurprisingly, "II" is the second record from the Utah based musician, released just a month ago. Its another transformative piece of music for meditation as one is enveloped by the simplistic beauty and melodies that conjure ages of old. The album cover is far more suggestive of the setting than its predecessor, images of caves, forests, nature and magical beasts match the gentle music which will take you on a stroll through the pleasantries of your imagination.

Musical differences are hard to come by, aesthetically the instruments feel unchanged and produced with the same level of crisp clarity. In composition "II" is sparse in many places with less instruments layering up around one another. This is especially notable in a handful of tracks which clearly set out to work with less. As a result this may be a longer listen but Its a step behind the density of "I" which was an engrossing quality, a busying of sound which doesn't charm in the same way when its mellowed down. Its still fantastic, magical music but mostly resides in the realm of expectation.

Rating: 6/10