Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The Prodigy "No Tourists" (2018)

Many years on from their hay day, English Big Beat legends The Prodigy bring back their sound again for another round of 90s electronica mashed with booming drums beats on No Tourists, their seventh full length. The project was initially intended to be an EP but the quality of the music led them to a full length release that is noticeably shorter than The Day Is My Enemy. If it is curation or a short and sweet principle, this newest chapter definitely carries a more vibrant energy as it breezes by with a lively energy, charisma and focus on the big pounding drums that you'd expect of them.

The approach to sampling, electronics, melody and vocals all have a strong 90s feel, hailing back to their best era. Its not on par but their knack for jittery synths and the cramming together of intricate sounds to form a whole feels fluid and vibrant. Massive kicks and snares snap and pop throughout and the arsenal of accompanying sounds makes for a fury of body moving energy. Interestingly a collaboration with duo Ho99o9 stands out as an excellent moment where the two acts find a common ground to accommodate one another and produce the records most infectious song!

Beyond that one moment not much breaks expectations or deviates from form. Vocally the group focus more on the hooks and have their snippets on loops for the choruses. A lot of synth setups, tone, delivery and vocal samples hail back to their early days. If you know them well you will hear the links. This is The Prodigy delivering what fans want and if in the right mood it makes for a heck of a listen. Its far from original, a few spicy arrangements are in store but this is a full speed ahead, wild ride!

Favorite Tracks: No Tourists, Fight Fire With Fire, Champions Of London, Resonate
Rating: 7/10