Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Loathe "The Things They Believe" (2021)


The ambition and tenacity of last years I Let It In And Took Everything had me expectant of a return with refinement. Between its angular slabs of angered Djent guitar noise and counteracting melodic tinges of light and color, crept in elements of ambient and soundscape I would not of expected to become a sole focus. Released as the bands third full length effort, with the same distinctive album art, The Things They Believe is an artsy experiment in ambience, noise and texture alike. Perhaps some of which might have snuck in between the durations of metallic aggression they are known for. Instead, without warning, its a full record of this type of music, a bold move for a band building an audience within the Metal scene.

For me, I already adore these sorts of estranged tonal experiments. They lightly distort, sway and pitch shake its lofty rises of airy synths, mixed in with ambiguous sounds and instruments like the Saxaphone which appears on occasion. Everything is dreamy and distant, like fuzzy memories. Without sun or warmth they cultivate a sense of calm with a harmless mystique. Its all temporal, no percussion, just sways and swells of sound that evolve at their own pace. Even melodies feel without form where they arise. A couple brushes with darkness occur, the dreary unease of Don't Get Hurt has a slight anxiety to its hazy persuasion and Black Marble's brooding fuzzed synths build a thematic scene of lurking evil.

Beyond these musing, its really hard to describe the particulars of what makes ambience like this work. Its fundamentals are obvious, yet the music has a power and persuasion these experiments can often fall short on. The whole thirty five minutes passes without a drag but yet no big culminating moments. Its all decent and does not feel as if its metallic elements where stripped out but they could of been created with that in mind. Either way I have enjoy this very much. Not what I thought I was getting for my money but luckily I am a fan of musical ambiguity and day dream vibes!

Rating: 6/10